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The logo design dilemma

07 May 2015
It’s no secret that every company should have a logo designed for their business. Each logo is unique to a company and is the first step to creating their brand identity.
Unfortunately, most new businesses don’t know where to go to get their logo designed. Even worse, some decide to do it themselves.

In this article I will explain what types of logo design services you may want to stay clear of. Hopefully this will help you make the right decision to hire a professional graphic designer and save you the unnecessary costs and headaches of poor brand identity.

1) Logo Design Contests

Online you can find a lot of websites which offer a variety of artists competing against each other to create your logo. You would think that this would be a great option to get a nicely designed logo at an affordable price, but there are several drawbacks. You would get to choose from tons of designs from hundreds of artists, but did you know that many of these artists use clipart or steal designs from other companies? The artists may not analyze your company properly and may only spend less than 30 minutes creating your logo. Where’s the value in that? If you want your logo to be done properly and avoid the potential claims of stolen intellectual property, it's preferable you hire a professional with a proven track record.

2) Free Online Logo Generators

This is probably the worst first step you could make in creating your brand identity. You enter your text, pick the font you want and select one of the many icon symbols they provide. Voila! You have a new logo. That’s all fine an dandy, but do you really want your company to be portrayed by a generic symbol that has been used by countless other entities? Your finished logo will say nothing about who you are or what you do, and will end up looking cheap & uninspiring. Avoid these types of websites if you want to have a distinctive and professional visual representation.

3) Logo Design Websites That Are Too Good To Be True

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Google “Logo Design” and you will see thousands of logo design websites that will offer incredible deals, such as 6 designers for only $50. These companies turn the art of brand identity into a mass manufactured process. For 6 artists to work on your logo for only $50, they aren't being afforded the time or resources to personalize a logo for you and your business. A low price tag is an indication of low quality, and these sites are no different.

4) Design It Yourself
Would you pull your own teeth out or would you go to a dentist? The same can be said about logo design. Hire a professional graphic designer to design your logo and avoid the potential embarrassment of doing it yourself.
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